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B. Shandong, China, 1984

The unique style of Xinshou Yang's ink paintings lies in the integration of oriental ink and western watercolour, wandering between linear abstraction and concreteness, and combining with traditional Chinese brush and ink to express a natural artistic conception. He creates by repeatedly painting on the silk and washing the colours away, deliberately reducing the colour and brightness of the work, showing a subtle sense of refinement on a coarse and rough medium. The style is quiet and elegant, and at the same time, you can feel the flowing atmosphere in the picture, which makes the work produce a chaotic and transparent sense of space that is very different from traditional Chinese ink painting. Xinshou's painting style retains the artistic conception of ancient literati paintings, but at the same time uses his own language to integrate contemporary aesthetics into his works, expressing an inner emotion that is spiritual, and paying tribute to the masters of the past.


The distinctive charm of Xinshou's ink paintings lies in the seamless fusion of traditional Chinese ink and Western watercolour techniques. His works navigate between the realms of linear abstraction and tangible realism, characterised by a deliberate reduction in colour and brightness, resulting in a subtle and refined aesthetic that blends the background and the brushstrokes into a harmonious whole on the rough surface of aged silk.


Each piece exudes a serene and elegant ambiance, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere that permeates the compositions. Yet, beneath the tranquility, there exists a sense of dynamic energy, a subtle interplay of flowing lines and ethereal washes that creates a unique and captivating spatial experience. This distinctive quality sets Xinshou's works apart from traditional ink paintings, offering a fresh and contemporary interpretation of the age-old art form.


Furthermore, Xinshou's painting style skilfully retains the essence and artistic conception of ancient Chinese landscape paintings while simultaneously incorporating elements of contemporary aesthetics. Through his expressive brushstrokes and carefully chosen compositions, he conveys a profound inner emotionality that transcends the boundaries of traditional landscape. His works serve as a tribute to the enduring power of life's experiences and the spiritual realm, inviting viewers to engage in a deeply personal and contemplative journey.

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