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B. Hokkaido, Japan, 1980

Kaoru Shibuta is an artist whose work explores the dynamic intersection of sound and vision. Through oil on canvas, he translates the auditory experience of music into vibrant and evocative visual art.


From early doodles to a career as a makeup artist, Kaoru has always been drawn to creative expression. His transition to painting was driven by a desire for a more lasting and tangible medium. "On the canvas you have freedom and you can leave something behind, whereas makeup art only lasts for that day," he explains.


Kaoru's artistic process is deeply rooted in research and personal experience. He immersed himself in music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources. "I experience and be influenced," he says, emphasising the importance of absorbing the energy and emotions of music.


His paintings are not simply literal interpretations of songs, but rather visual manifestations of the feelings they evoke. Kaoru strives to capture the raw energy of live performances, translating melody, rhythm, and inflection into colour, form, and texture.

"I want to make the most of the space on canvas and invigorate it with shapes and colours," he states. Whether capturing the essence of a single song or composing his own musical landscapes, Kaoru invites viewers to experience music through a new lens.


Inspired by the great masters of both art and music, particularly Mozart, Kaoru believes that true artistic expression transcends time and genre. His work seeks to connect with viewers on a visceral level, sharing the energy of the artist and the emotional power of live music.


Kaoru is currently exhibiting his work in a solo exhibition, Sea Sky Nature, at the Takamatsu City Shionoe Museum of Art, and participating in "Personal Structures 2024" at the European Cultural Center in Venice.

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